Regularly take 2-3 garlic (lasan) cloves for a few days.

Take bitter gourd (karela) as much as possible in every meal. Its a good medicine.

Everyday drink 1 glass karela juice.

Chew 10 neem leaves with 1 glass water every morning.


Soak 2 almonds (badam), 5 pista kernels, and 1 teaspoon


Mash a ripe banana and apply on the burned part of body also bandage with betel leaves (paan ka patta).

For minor burns use ice pack for 10-15 min on effected area.

Mix 4 teaspoon of each coconut oil, lime juice and betel juice and apply on the affected parts.

Grind curry leaves (kury patta / meethi neem) as poultices over the burns. Spread a thin layer of honey over it and cover with a dressing. Replace it after every 2-3 hrs.


Boil 3 tb. spoon powdered nutmeg (jaiphal) in 1 cup sesame oil (til ka tel). Let it be cool, filter and apply on the affected area.

Take 1 teaspoon honey with 10 leaves of Tulsi (basil) and finish with 1 glass of warm water.


Slightly roast an onion on open flame. Mash it and mix it with 1 teaspoon each ghee and turmeric powder. Apply and tie cotton bandage.

Mash garlic cloves and apply on boils.

Grind neem leaves and apply on boils

Take equal quantity of turmeric (haldi) and ginger (adrak) powder and make paste apply on the boils.

Grind some black cumin (shahi jeera) with water and apply on the boils.

take ½ teaspoon ghee and heat black pepper powder in it and use it as an ointment.

Take fenugreek leaves (methi patte) paste, heat it and when lukewarm, apply on the boils.

Soak bread in warm milk and sandwich the mixture between folds of a clean cotton cloth. Apply this poultice to the boils and hold in place with a cotton bandage. This draws the dirt to the surface of the skin and simultaneously bursts the boil.


Take ½ cup of slight warm coconut oil and mix 1 teaspoon of camphor (kapoor) in it and apply on the chest.

Boil 2 tb. spoon fennel seeds (saunf) in 1 cup of water till it is reduced to half. Filter it and take this 1 tb. spoon every morning and evening for 1 week.

Boil 1 cup sesame oil (til ka tel) and 3 tb. spoon powdered nutmeg (jaiphal) in it. Cool, filter and apply on the affected area.

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