Make a tea by boiling 3 spoons of chopped fresh peppermint in adding a little honey in 1 cup water. Peppermint relieves pain as it is an antiseptic and contains menthol, which.

Chew 10-12 mint leaves with little water

Take 1 teaspoon of ajwain and have it with little water.

Take 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Make a paste. Apply it gently on the yellowish tint.

Use the inner white part of an orange peel to rub teeth for a lovely white shine. Fruits like apples, strawberries & pear bring out the sparkling pearly whiteness of teeth. Munch them or just use a slice to rub teeth.

Take little water and add half teaspoon of soda bicarbonate (Eating Soda) to form a paste. Rub smoothly on your teeth.

Chew celery leaves and crunchy carrots.

Take dried orange peel and combined with Dried & powdered Bay leaves (Tej Patta) this is an excellent whitener.

Dried & powdered Neem (Margo) leaves may be used to clean teeth.


Take 1 glass of hot water and add 1 teaspoon of table salt. Gargling 4-5 times a day is helpful in giving relief to throat irritation.

Take half teaspoon of Haldi (Turmeric powder) and boil it with 1 glass of milk. Add 1 teaspoon sugar. Take it before sleeping for 2-3 days. This remedy is also very useful in cough, colds, flu as well as cough.


Finely powdered burnt Turmeric (haldi), also can be used as toothpowder.

Pummel some asafetida (hing) in a mortar & pestle and add some lime juice. Heat it slightly. Soak a piece of cotton and hold it on the affected area.

Use finely powdered pepper powder and clove oil for relief from toothache. Saline rinse and apply ice.

Apply sugarless gum over the affected area. This helps keep the air out of the hole this air lead the ache.

Bite a clove to get relieve a toothache. Biting on a clove or rubbing clove oil on the tooth cavity itself will relieve the pain.

Take some clove oil and dip a piece of cotton in it and place on the aching tooth.


You can avoid Sea sickness by stopping your head from rocking. When the boat rocks to the left, you rock your head (or the whole body) to the right so that your head remains vertical.

Remember, you go the other way than whichever way the boat goes,.

Those who prone to travel sickness while sitting in the bus or car, look straight ahead, instead look out of the window.

keep a few grains of fennel seeds (saunf) in the mouth or mint or chewing some candy sugar (misri) often helps.


Soak 10-12 almonds in a glass of water overnight. Next morning peel of almonds, crush them and boil with a glass of milk. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and desi Ghee (unsalted cottage butter). Drink when it is lukewarm. Do this for 20 to 40 days. It helps in improving memory as well as brings vitality to the body.

N.B.: This home remedy is extremely beneficial for those engaged in mental work and students . Take this in the morning while empty stomach and do not eat anything for the next two hours.

WEAKNESS (Physical)

Eat halwa made out of using almonds, semolina, khaskhas (poppy seeds), sugar for sweetness and cardamom seed.

Take a cup water and soak 3 – 4 dried anjeer (figs) in it for overnight. Eat them along with a cup of warm milk and a spoon of honey in next morning.

Make a dry fruit milkshake made out of 8-10 dry grapes, 3-4 dates and 3-4 figs and have it. In order to reduce weakness and increase blood circulation. This is energizing drink.

Home Remedy for Acidity
• After having all three meals consume a small piece of jaggery and observe what wonders it can do to keep acidity away.
• Take a cup of water and boil it. Add 1 tsp of Aniseed (Saunf) to the water and keep it overnight. On the next morning, filter the water and add 1 tsp of honey to it. Drink it thrice a day its a good medicine for acidity.
• Take a clove and a cardamom and powder it. Use it like a mouth freshener after having your each meal. Not only this remedy will take care of your acidity , but also will keep away bad breath Problem.
• Take 1 tsp Caraway seeds (shah jeera) boil it with about one and half liters of water and. Drink it while warm at least 3-4 times a day for one week.

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