The serenity spun out all around
Little dim lamps were lighting I found
The masses of muck for long sight
Look as if graveyard at moon light
The twilight has been to spill
Sun has been lay down behind the hill
Several of the graves looking so old
Others seems as today sludge rolled
Some one was blowing the fret tears
Other was leaning in deep for dears
Few graves wear wear a bricks cover
And relics were grubby that’s for poor
At same time a horde came weeping
Athwart their shoulder a death body lynching
Covered bier with white shroud
Some were crying weeping a loud
With gentle guide put corpse on earth
Carved the grave there without the worth
Laying him down who came finishing his role
Roofed by shroud from earth’s each pole
One grave more here today increase
One day have to come here for each these
Which are seen here this last seen
End of the play with every it will been
It was their part, that will be their
One day will also for me for all here
Thinking this I kept handed two rose
My ancestor’s cracked graves


I was not so aged but was wise
Whilst I saw her at first sight
How appealing she and how fickle was
I was dazed who is she? come from where ?
Full of the nature’s virtue she was rare
I was seeing her leaning in sight
Swift she turned and gazed me a glance
She widen her hand there
I take hold of, but bursting of fear
I was feeling like haven
I was happiest among whole human
Whole the day we were chatting
In the dreams we meet when napping
A elongated time I connected with her
I was blissful I was so cheer
But!! One day she left me alone
What was the reason I was unknown
Never see me again, talked so far
I am sad I m fail, but still thinking
I am alive but, without breathes
I m seeing but, without eyes
Today when she turns from my remembrance
The tears drain, I full with the worry
But I have trust, she will come back
She will come back

‘True friend’

Ally is mortal dear to all
It is an emption, from bliss fall
That becomes altruistic
That becomes zeal
Ever gives you pleasure
Gives genial deep feel
Always amid you when be in grief
Not depart you alone it is a reef
Several time amity suits utmost
Various era acquaintance ensue cute
It show us trail for precise aim
It never means money or fame
Real friend are little in the world
Intricate to hit upon seeking so hard
Pal can die, buddy may well ruin
This is the band which never drain
Oh! My God snoop to my plead
Also provide me one true friend


I saw a reverie tonight
When I was in deep nap
I saw everyone was pleased
Sharing their bliss with joy
No one gloomy no one sob
No one was there afraid-of
What is rich & what’s poor?
What is our what’s your
No one aware by all these
Living life with calm & Ease
Greening laid over the sight
Nature’s look seemed newly bride
Sudden my dream got break
I found me alone when I awoke
I turn around & seen the world
Nothing remain to say in word
Common approach of all chaps
Neither any change nor new shapes
Fighting horde filthy mind
Money is only aim behind

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