About Us

Namaskar and Hello

I am a citizen of “India” and belong to Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat.

Astrology is my hobby as well as passion; I have given 9 years to learn the theories of a correct astrology. In this period I have read lots of astrology books and other informative materials to understand its premise. Also I have exercised more than 9000 Charts on net…

And after seeing all around, now a day you will find out that, astrology is becoming a big business game , which is making a negative impact on the minds of people’s trust for astrology. This time period when entire globe is suffering from economical slowdowns, every one is searching for a good astrologer to seek the best guidelines in the way of getting optimum solutions. Now, this time when astrology has become a profession it is very difficult to find a good astrologer for a common man who doesn’t have any idea of astrology at all. Even people are paying a big amount to readers but they are still away from a satisfactory solutions or guidelines.

As an astrologer I want to tell that, I am not a magician, who has a stick to eradicate all of your problems. If God has decided something for you then it will definitely come about. But with the help of astrology we can reduce the effects . Like sun will throw fire but we can reduce its effects by using an an umbrella In the similar way in astrology we use can protect us from the effect of bad time coming in our way . We can pray to God to diminish our twinge and seek the potential to bear out those problems with the help of astrology. Keeping faith of the principles of astrology we can make our life better with its assistance. Astrology is a subject of trust. So here I am to serve those, who really need for an astrological assistance, I offer free chart reading, match making and complete chart through Email. Now a days every one is digitalize because of lack of time , So I also thought to link myself in the world of web. I have decided to make a web site to put ourselves in front of you. And If I could do so that, I am here in front of you was not possible without the help of Mr. Shailendra Verma from Delhi, the project IT head for designing this website. I am thankful to him from the core of my heart.

As I am here from 10 years on net besides astrology and have found lots and lots of good informative things on net as well as good sites, also i want to share all with you. May be new learner of internet or new comer will get lot of knowledge from our site if they wish. We are working continuously to make our site well brushed keeping this into mind that, if any one visit our site he do not need to search anything on net whatever they want on internet they get from here only. One more initiative we are going to take that, we are providing good platform to those, who have creative mind and want to write down something like- Articles, Poems, views, critics, etc. this is our step towards giving the opportunity to those who are really having a good sense of creativity but not in the focus!

We expect for your consideration and support!!!!

Shailendra Kolhatkar