1) My name is akhil. i am 37 years old.i am working as a sales manager in one of the reputed MNC in Delhi. I am enjoying my life to the extreme, but the situation was different a year before. i had an excellent job, good personality, own house and property. inspite of these i was not able to get a good match for me. my age was increasing day by day and i was still single.one day our regular customer told me about astrologer shail.as i belong to an educated class, so i dint believe these things, but then i listen to my heart that atleast i should consult once.then i contacted shail. he read my horoscope and to my surprise he told me such things about me that nobody knew except me.i started believing that there is something in his studies that is truth and genuine. he told me to do some remedies, i with whole heart did for one year what he prescribed me. and after one year and four months. i got a promotion and a good match for me. my wife rashmi and i trust him a lot. inspite of such a genius predictions, shail is not greedy.He dont run after money. this is the thing that make me respect him more and more. god bless him.

2) My name is shivika.i live in ahmedabad. my husband has a big bussiness here.we had every pleasure and more than needs in our life but still we were not happy.we dint have any issue inspite of my marriage of eight years.my husband and i had a lots of tests to detect the cause but we both were medically fit. we even had treatment from america but it dint showed any result.one day i met shail at my friend’s home. she told shail about our problem and then shail after reading our horoscope told us the faults in our horoscope. he told us some remedies which was very easy and after 2 years of completion of remedies we were blessed with twince. my girl child and boy child has filled my life with colours. we are heartfuly thankful to astro shail. may he live long so that people like us gain from
him more and more.

3) My name is aruchi. i am 26 years old. i work as a lecturer in a collage of delhi university. i am following the advices of astro shail from last 9 years. i used to be so dull in studies. my parents and teachers thought me as a gone case in study.i used to indulge in fun making activities and wasted my precious time.i used to chat on yahoo a lot. one day i came across an id of astro shail. he seemed to be a genuine man.we became friends on yahoo. he used to give me so many good advices in a very polite and logical manner.he changed my life in such a way that today i am preparing for IAS with my job.God Bless him

4) My name is shubha and i am a house wife. i got married 5 years back. my in-laws and my husband was very unhappy from me in the beginning.the situation was to worst that it came to the divorce and i went to my parents home. i cried a lot. my parents consult astro shail. i was to broken that i lost trust on everyone and even on god. but for my parents i did all remedies told by astro shail and after doing for 3 months my husband and in-laws came to ask for sorry and brought me back home with respect. today i am very happy with my family and i am the lovingly member of my family.may god bless him