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A planetary combination formed by the lord of 10th house placed in 9th house, the lord of 2nd in Ascendant, and the 2nd and 10th houses posited by benefics. An individual born under this combination is charitable but very materialistic in his approach to life. He seeks enjoyment of all kinds of physical comforts and a luxurious life.


A planetary combination formed by one, two or three malefic planets unaspected by any benefic, and posited simultaneously in 2-12, 3-11, or 4-10 houses. It produces the possibility of imprisonment, or detention. Similar results also occur if malefics occupy 12th and 9th houses.


A planetary combination that produces contradictory results: persons born under the combination are courageous, virile, commanding a well-equipped army, and ruling over an extensive area, yet they are intellectually foolish, ignorant and devoid of common and garden guts. This combination is constituted in several ways: the most popular version lays down that the lords of 9th and 4th houses should be in mutual angles and the lord of the Ascendant should be strong. The combination is also formed if the lord of the 4th occupies its exaltation or own sign and is expected by or is in conjunction with the 10th lord.A person born under it is prosperous, respectful, benevolent, and God-fearing, happy, charitable and regal in demeanor.


A planetary combination formed by all planets occupying four houses in a natal chart. It makes the individual ever ready to wage a righteous war, undertake a righteous mission, follow traditional religious practices and be humble, patient, philanthropic, interested in agriculture and respected in his society.


A planetary combination formed by Moon when it is not flanked by any planet on any of its sides. Sun is excluded from this combination. It is also required for Moon to form this combination, that no planet should be placed in a cardinal house in the horoscope.It makes the individual devoid of any education and intelligence. He suffers from penury and meets many difficulties in life.


When Jupiter and Moon are mutually Kendra this yoga is formed. More so when Jupiter is in Kendra, 7th to Moon(bright period Moon) this yoga is formed. Wealth, name and fame are formed.


A planetary combination formed by the lord of the Ascendant and the lords of 8th, 9th and 10th houses occupying their own signs. It makes the individual support his family members and other relations. He becomes personally rich, happy and lives for long.


A planetary combination produced by benefices in 5th, 6th, and 7th houses either in exaltation, own signs, or those of friendly planets, or in the navamsa of friendly planets. Alternatively, it is formed if the benefics are in Ascendant, 3rd, and 11th houses occupying exaltation, own signs, or their Mool Trikona positions. Persons born under this yoga become leaders, very renowned, charitable, helpful, and they lead a very happy life.


The planetary combination formed by Saturn occupying the 10th house, Venus placed in a cardinal house with fixed signs and a weak Moon in a trine house. Alternatively, Jupiter should be in Ascendant, Moon in the 7th and Sun occupying 8th position from Moon (that is, in the 2nd house in this situation). Persons born with this combination belong to an aristocratic family, they attain high status in the society, and possess charitable disposition and enjoy unblemished glory.


A planetary combination formed by all planets consecutively placed from 4th to 10th houses. It makes the individual dwell in forests or mountainous regions, they are very cruel in temperament

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